Super Deluxe Room

Hotel Savi Suryaprakash Udaipur is a boutique hotel located on Saheli Marg near Sahelion ki Bari tourist attraction. This hotel has been taken by Savi Hotels and Resorts in December 2023 and thus the name has been changed to Savi Suryaprakash. The hotel is a 3 star category and has been one of the best due to its facilities, location and definitely the brand which has acquired its reputation over years. The chain already run three other properties across Rajasthan under the brand umbrella of Savi Hotels and Resorts in Jaipur, Jaisalmer and Kumbhalgarh

SD Room at Savi SuryaPrakash Udaipur
SD Room at Savi SuryaPrakash Udaipur

Formerly a Click Hotel

Hotel Savi Suryaprakash was formerly known as click hotel Suryaprakash and was run By SUBA Group. A reputed group had passed on the beacon to another fostering and aspiring group. Owner of the property director Prakash Chan Jain had mentor into the collaboration of Hotel Suryaprakash Pvt Ltd with Savi Hotels and Resorts for both mutual progress and growth.

Now under Savi Hotels and Resorts


Savi Hotels and Resorts have taken over the property from December and a soft launch is scheduled from 5th of December 2023. This is the 4th property of the group Savi Hotels and Resorts. Rooms are available till then for accommodation.

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